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Oct 22, 2022 - Futures Trading


Nasdaq 30 min


The moving averages are flat and the market may be in the balance.   Notice that 50 ema started to trade below 200 ema and the market is below both moving averages.

If you looked for a dip to go long in the afternoon, it would have been difficult.

Nasdaq 1 min


The market rallied right after the opening. When the market dipped to +sigma1, you could have taken a long position.  But the market gave just 1X.

The market dipped to vwap around 12:45.  If you took a long trade, you would not have got even 1X.

The only opportunity was at 14:45 when the market broke the previous day's low.  It would have given 2X.

When the market broke the vwap to downside, you could have looked to go short.

You should have paid an attention to the structure of the market. When it dipped at 11:45, you could have looked to go short since the moving averages on 30 min charts were flat.


Crude Oil

Crude Oil - 30 min


The market stayed above two moving averages in the morning.  Buying on a dip to the support on 1 min chart such as vwap, 200ema could have been good strategy.

There was a good selloff in the afternoon and it was hard to do well going long

Crude Oil - 1 min


The first rectangle shows the flip setup.  It is also a support at 30 min chart. It made 2X, 3X very easily.  I took the trade and made a good profit.

The second rectangle shows a flip but there is no confluence with 30 min chart.  The long trade could have made 1X only.

The third box shows a flip trade and it was a support in 30 min chart.  The long trade would have made 2X.

The lesson is that you don't take a trade if there was no confluences with 30 min chart.   You can trade 1 min on technicals, but don't expect a large gain.



Gold 30 min


The gold market is very bearish with 2 moving averages wide open to downside.  The market tested to 200ema and came right back down below 50 ema. The market turned to bearish near the previous balance made one day ago.

Gold 1 min


There was bear market rally in the morning.  The move was parabolic and it formed 1-2-3 waves around 11:00.  That area was the resistance on 30 min chart.   You could have gone short on flip trade and it made a huge move to the downside.

Lesson:   I was thinking of going long because of the parabolic rally.   If I had looked at 30 min chart more carefully, I would have go short.


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