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Oct 20, 2022 - Future Trading


Nasdaq 30 min


Nasdaq rolled over to downside overnight and it was trading below 50ema by the opening.  50ema also started to decline.  Most of the day, the market was trading between 50ema and 200ma.  You can go long or short on this condition.  It is overall bullish and bearish for a short term.

Nasdaq 1 min

Trade the extreme levels!

  1. Around 11am, there was 61% Fib retracement to upside.  The market was rolling down on 30 min chart, so it is good to go short on a rally to extremes. 
    Go short on a good looking flip setup.
  2. In the afternoon, the market broke the previous day's low and triggered a long trade.

If you are patient, there were two great setups.


Gold 30 min


The market was trading below 2 moving averages and the previous day's low.

Look to go short on the resistance on 1 min chart

Gold 1 min


Gold gave only shallow rally to the resistance.  There were good flip trades near the resistance band.  Ideally, the market would rally to the VWAP, which did not happen.


Crude 30 min


The market was bearish early morning and then held the previous day's low and go choppy near 50ema.  There was no follow through to the downside and it did not give good short trades.   If you went for 1X, then you did fine.

Crude 1 min

The only shorting opportunity was when the market tested vwap +2 sigma and formed 1-2-3 waves.  The first testing on +2sigma in the morning did not have 1-2-3 wave.


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